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Aug 20, 2013 4:00pm EDT
garcia: emily, this call for you from a sean mcallister came to my phone accidentally. it sounded very important. sean. i was gonna call you back. i just--i got busy on a case. ian doyle vanished from prison. interpol can't find him. what are you saying? he's off the grid, emily. [ring] prentiss, what's going on with you? i've been watching you the last couple of days and something is obviously bothering you. derek, because i like you, i'm going to ask you not to do this. [tires screeching] [speaking french] i want to talk to sean. they got her. drop the phone. get on the ground, now. am i in danger? we all are. tsia, it's emily. where are you? bois du boulogne. well, that's a significant change of address. that's not the only change. i got engaged. wow. so you and jeremy are gonna... that's great. that's great. emily, what's wrong? have you heard from sean? yes, he's been calling me for days. but you haven't talked to him? i don't work for him anymore. i'm out. so's doyle. sean thinks we're all in danger. but i was the only one who had any personal connection to him. as far as do
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1